Comtech EF Data LPOD-R 8W Ku-Band BUC P/N LPODRKO-36

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Unused, Comtech EF Data LPOD-R 8W Ku-Band BUC P/N LPODRKO-36
S/N 161967309


Our LPOD-R family of Outdoor Amplifiers / Block UpConverters (BUCs) deliver rated power, guaranteed, to the transmit waveguide flange at the 1 dB compression point. The LPOD-R is a cost-effective alternative to the LPOD, where the full LPOD’s support of internal 10 MHz and redundancy is not required. There are three LPOD-R package sizes available – PS.5, PS 1 and PS 1.5. Each LPOD-R consists of an SSPA module with the Monitor/Control Processor (MCP), a power supply, and a fan assembly. To ensure the maximum usable output power with stable operation over a wide range of environmental conditions, the units feature a low loss combining technique and MCP-based temperature-versus-gain compensation. The LPOD-R units are compact in size and weight, lending itself to installations with limited available mounting space. Common installations for the LPOD-R are ship-borne antenna systems, small “flyaway” systems, and Satellite News Gathering (SNG) vehicles.

Data Logging Capability

To greatly enhance system maintainability, the LPOD-R line includes a built-in data logging capability. By recording critical operational parameters (such as temperature, output power, mute status, etc.) at timestamped intervals, the user can quickly gather intelligence not only about the unit itself but also the unit’s operational environment.

Enhanced Standard Features

The LPOD-R comes equipped with useful features that other manufacturers offer only as options. Included in the base price are the temperature compensation, power monitor, power factor corrected supply, and flexible remote monitor and control (M&C) capabilities.

Monitor & Control

The LPOD-R features flexible, remote monitor and control(M&C) capabilities that are unique to the industry.

• Advanced FSK – When used with our modems the LPOD-R provides enhanced functionality utilizing the industry-standard FSKcommunications channel. Advanced FSK offers full control of a single thread and, where applicable, redundant systems from the modem front panel without additional cabling or cost. The LPOD-R can also be accessed via the EthernetM&C port of the modem and controlled via Embedded Distant-end Monitor and control (EDMAC).

• Ethernet – By using the Ethernet port on theLPOD-R, the unit can be controlled via a web-based graphical user interface, Telnet and SNMP.

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