How SatCom HQ’s Auto-Spidering Simplifies Vendor Onboarding

  • How SatCom HQ’s Auto-Spidering Simplifies Vendor Onboarding

At a first glance, registering on an online marketplace appears to be a tedious task. It requires multiple negotiations with the marketplace owner and proper training to upload products. Once uploaded, vendors also need to regularly update their inventory in order to keep the visitors informed at all times. For satcom equipment dealers, sellers and manufacturers, SatCom HQ simplifies the onboarding task with the help of its auto-spider functionality. Let’s take a better look at auto-spidering.

What is Auto-Spidering in SatCom HQ?

Auto-spidering is a special functionality in SatCom HQ made to assist satcom dealers in uploading and managing their products. The functionality automates the product listing process, saving the hassle of manually creating independent product listings. Furthermore, the auto-spidering feature is also capable of updating product listings in real-time so that your storefront stays up-to-date all the time.

How the Auto-Spidering Functionality Works?

The working of auto-spidering functionality can be explained in 5 easy steps. As a satcom equipment dealer, you only need to register on the marketplace.

Step 1: Register on SatCom HQ platform and create a vendor profile

Step 2: Select a subscription plan suitable for your business requirements

Step 3: After a short while, our experts will reach out to you

Step 4: Provide our experts with your private website or the URLs of all other ecommerce stores and marketplaces where you have already uploaded your products

Step 5: The auto-spidering feature will automatically fetch all your products from the provided websites and list them on SatCom HQ, saving both your time and efforts.

Note: In case if you are selling your equipment for the first time online, auto-spidering also has a second alternative option. You can provide our team with spreadsheet documents of your product. With this spreadsheet, the auto-spidering feature will automatically fetch product listings for your storefront.

Benefits of Auto-Spidering Functionality

To share an overview, the auto-spidering functionality has the following benefits for satcom equipment dealers:

  • Saves time and effort in listing
  • Simplifies the onboarding process
  • Ensures consistency in product listings across all marketplaces and platforms
  • Updates listings in real-time
  • Also supports XLSX spreadsheet format
  • Establishes transparency in pricing

SatCom HQ is a leading provider of quality and reliable satcom equipment. With its global network of distributors, it helps entrepreneurs fulfill their all satcom equipment sourcing requirements. Feel free to explore our website to place an order or find more insights.

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