How Satcom Equipment Improves Safety and Efficiency for the Global Shipping Industry

  • How Satcom Equipment Improves Safety and Efficiency for the Global Shipping Industry

The global satcom industry is thriving with advancements in technology and global connectedness. From internet broadcasting to weather forecasting and defense tracking, major global operations rely on satcom equipment technology. One of those operations is global cargo shipping on the high seas, which benefits extensively from satcom equipment in various ways. In this article, we will try to understand the benefits satcom solutions bring to cargo shipping. 

Role of Satcom Equipment in the Global Shipping Industry

Tons of goods, ranging from daily essentials (such as oil, grain, foods, vegetables, minerals, and more) to electronic devices and other branded products are shipped through maritime operations. To simplify those operations, satcom equipment is used. 

  1. Streamlines Communications and Navigation at Sea 
  2. For establishing strong communication at sea, satcom equipment in the L-band and Ku-band is used. Not only is the equipment used to transmit communication signals, but also as a radar for navigation and route planning purposes. Also, various types of antennas are used for maritime communication purposes, such as flat panels, phased array antennas, dish-based, multi- directional antennas, etc.

  3. Reliable for Data Protection 
  4. Data protection is another reason behind the application of satcom equipment in the global shipping industry. Transmissions between ships and shore-based systems require strong encryption, which is difficult to intercept by third parties. Satcom equipment uses strong encryption and even firewalls for efficient data protection. This data can include information such as the contents of the cargo, the crew's details, and the ship's destination.  

  5. Enhancing the Safety and Security of Ships  
  6. Along with the strong encrypted network, Satcom-enabled technology such as AIS assists in the real-time tracking of ships and also transfers real-time information. Furthermore, Satcom cameras and sensors enable surveillance of the ship for identifying potential threats like wreckage and hijacking. Lastly, Satcom equipment can also be used for geofencing and setting custom notification alarms. 

  7. Assist in Distress Situations and Rescue Operations
  8. In an emergency, satcom equipment can help establish a safe network between the crew of the ship and rescue teams. Right from sending distress signals to relaying information regarding the ship’s condition and rescue coordinates, everything can be managed with reliable Satcom equipment. Satcom-enabled Emergency Position-indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) and personal locator beacons (PLBs) are mandatory rescue devices that are used on cargo ships for rescue purposes. 

  9. Provides Remote Access to System Controls 
  10. Satcom equipment provides remote access to system controls such as the engine and cargo handling equipment. It can collect and transfer data related to the performance of ship systems and send alerts about unprecedented problems such as engine failure, equipment failure, and more. Furthermore, with remote access, operators can perform various actions from a distance, such as starting or stopping the engine and adjusting speed and direction. 

  11. Helps with weather forecasting and route planning. 
  12. Satcom equipment is extensively used for weather forecasting, which can help ships in coping with bad weather situations such as storms and heavy winds. In cases of sudden weather deterioration, Satcom equipment helps ships in making reliable preventive decisions, such as staying put, re-routing, or changing the destination. 

Where to Find Quality Maritime Satcom Equipment? 

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The use of satcom technology in the global shipping industry not only offers security but also enhances efficiency with benefits like real-time monitoring, tracking, surveillance, and remote access. Due to all this, companies can deliver cargo on time, streamline operations, handle system issues, and perform risk assessments. That being said, regulatory compliances such as EPIRBs play a critical role in rescuing and preventing losses in terms of both life and capital aspects.

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