How Satcom is Driving Economic Growth and Creating New Business Opportunities

  • How Satcom is Driving Economic Growth and Creating New Business Opportunities

The global satcom industry is always innovating and improving to offer cost-effective and versatile connectivity solutions. One of the key areas where these innovations are focused are business development and production. Satcom helps in these two areas via the medium of wireless IoT connectivity or remote sensing, broadcasting and GPS positioning. IoT devices help in establishing a network of industrial machinery and enable remote operations, which in turn forefront automation and increase the rate of production while lowering the overall operational costs. 

The role of IoT and other satcom devices is predominantly visible in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality, health and finance. Let’s take a closer look at how satcom is driving economic growth in the aforementioned and many other industries.

Industries Where Satcom Equipment is Driving Maximum Economic Growth

  1. Agriculture
  2. Satcom provides farmers with reliable data and inputs to improve both the quantity and quality of their yields, which are later sold at high prices. With satellite imagery and remote sensing, farmers can monitor crop health, soil moisture levels and make informed decisions on irrigation, fertilization and yield mapping. Weather forecasting prevents crop destruction and IoT devices help farmers get maximum efficiency from their equipment.

  3. Manufacturing
  4. Modern satcom devices are used in industries for monitoring daily operations, running machine diagnostics, tracking assets, and maintaining security.  Not only they help in increasing production but also play a significant role in logistics and distribution by enabling real time tracking and improving supply chain efficiency. With remote sensing of machinery, satcom reduces equipment downtime,  helps in predictive maintenance and increases the overall lifespan of machinery.

  5. Media and Broadcasting
  6. The data transmission capabilities of satcom have always had strong applications in telecommunications. This includes internet, radio and TV broadcasting. With the help of satcom equipment, media agencies are able to broadcast their services over a larger area and connect to more homes and offices. However, as satellite-based broadcasting is majorly free of cost for consumers, media agencies earn revenue through sponsored content and advertising.

  7. Health
  8. Satcom drives economic growth in the health industry primarily in two ways, which are telemedicine and disaster response. With the help of satellite phones and transceivers, medical professionals can conduct virtual consultations and monitor health vitals remotely. Large organizations can extend their services to remote areas and regions that lack appropriate medical facilities. Additionally, satcom equipment simplifies public campaigning such as vaccination drives and surveying.

  9. Finance 
  10. A major problem that satcom equipment resolves in the finance industry is enabling online finance facilities in remote locations at a reasonable cost. Satcom enabled infrastructure acts as a supportive layer over the terrestrial banking infrastructure and extends operations in difficult terrains and topographies. Apart from this, satcom enabled data encryption enhances security for the finance sector.

  11. Aviation 
  12. Satcom equipment in the aviation industry is not only used for communication and emergency purposes but also helps in increasing the overall value proposition of flights. For example, satcom provides passengers with access to high-speed internet, live TV and other entertainment options. With DLS systems, satcom equipment assists airports in efficient air traffic management (ATM) and flight delays. Strong and uninterrupted ATM network is also essential for developing large airport hubs for connecting international flights.

  13. Maritime 
  14. The maritime industry benefits tremendously from satcom equipment. Apart from providing value-added services in yachts, satcom simplifies maritime shipping operations with positioning, navigation, weather forecast and routing. All these assist in timely cargo shipping, reduce delays and even protect shipping vessels from unprecedented emergencies. For a better understanding of how satcom equipment helps the maritime industry, take a look at this blog. 

  15. Oil and Gas
  16. Oil extraction sites are very hazardous workplaces with dangers of injury and fire. To reduce the risks, satcom equipment is used for enabling communication, providing online training, remotely operating machinery and data transmission. With real-time data on terrain and drilling processes, satcom equipment makes drilling more precise and reduces oil exploration costs. Additionally, GPS devices assist in safe delivery of oil tanks and cargo ships and make the supply chain more efficient.

  17. Mining
  18. Similar to the oil and gas industry, satcom equipment is driving economic growth in the mining industry by bringing precision and efficiency in operations, lowering overall operational costs and enabling predictive maintenance of machinery. Along with maintenance, satellite IoT equipment assists in tracking and controlling mining operations, providing on-site and off-site experts with more options and data-driven decision making. Lastly, as establishing terrestrial infrastructure is not possible at mining sites, satcom again acts as a cost-effective means of communication. 


The diverse applications of satcom equipment are indicative of its demand in global industries. From increasing production and lowering operational costs in manufacturing and logistics, to increasing value proposition in aviation and media, satcom plays a major role in driving economic growth in numerous markets. However, to meet such demands, satcom manufacturers are also focusing on providing cost effective satcom solutions and meeting the changing consumer demands. Thus, in the near future, we can see increasing dependence of industries on satcom solutions.

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