How to Use our Watchlist Feature to Find Latest Satcom Equipment

  • How to Use our Watchlist Feature to Find Latest Satcom Equipment

The satcom industry is constantly evolving. Both businesses and users are witnessing the emergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things (IOT), 5G networks, software-defined satellites (SDS), optical communication, etc. However, with so many options and brand level segmentation, it is becoming difficult to find actually helpful technology. Many times, businesses are unaware of new equipment in the market and thus, unable to upgrade their satcom equipment on time.

Using Watchlist Feature on SatCom HQ

To solve this problem, we have launched a watchlist feature. It is aimed to help customers in the following scenarios:

  1. To keep track of selected products:
  2. With the watchlist feature, customers can make a list of all equipment they want to buy without having to commit to buying them right away. This way, they can prepare a list of all important equipment they require for upgradation or simply do a price comparison.

  3. To get notified of price drops:
  4. When customers add satcom equipment to their watchlist, they get notified of all price changes, including both price hikes and drops. Meaning, customers can save money on costly equipment by purchasing them at the right time with the help of a watchlist feature.

  5. To get notified of stock availability:
  6. Due to increasing demand, satcom equipment goes out of stock all the time. However, customers who watchlist equipment get instantly notified of stock refills.

  7. For retailers:
  8. Retailers can easily plan future purchases and maintain their product inventory by using the watchlist feature. They can also meet changing demands quickly and keep their customers updated on stock availability in the market.

To use the Watchlist feature, all customers are required to register on the platform and simply

click on the "Add to Watchlist” button.


Once added, all customers will receive any updates about the products in their inbox. To see all the products that they have added in their watchlist, customers only need to click on the ‘Watchlist’ option present on the top right corner of their screen.


While the industry is fragmented with many satcom manufacturers, finding a trustable source for all your satcom equipment requirements is a reliable solution to avoid all the market chaos. The watchlist feature on SatCom HQ not only connects customers with dealers, but also helps them get the most advanced satcom equipment at genuine rates.

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