Key Players in the Satellite Communications Industry

  • Key Players in the Satellite Communications Industry

The satcom industry is flourishing because of increased demand for innovative technology, global interconnectedness and emergence of new markets. As per statistics, the industry’s compound annual growth rate is an impressive 11.3% in the forecast period 2023-2028. The major technological innovations that are boosting the growth rate are MEO/GEO satellites, integration with internet of things (IoT), mobile connectivity, and applications for defense and surveillance for the armed forces. Contributing majorly in the industry, we have the following players.

  1. Viasat Inc.
  2. Viasat is a renowned American communications company launched in 1986. For satellite communications, it launched a Comsat Laboratories, which focuses on developing devices for high speed data transmission through satellites. For terrestrial and mobile satcom equipment development, Viasat also acquired several of its competitors throughout the 21st century. Today, Viasat deals in satellite modems, antennas and terminals, RF transceivers, satellite network Controllers, earth stations and in-flight internet. Till date, Viasat has launched 6 satellites as well.

  3. Digisat International
  4. Digisat International is another leading satcom products manufacturer with decades of presence  in the industry. It provides high quality satcom solutions, including earth stations, maritime communication, disaster communication and telemetry equipment. Digisat's commitment to excellence is demonstrated by their successful satellite launches and operations, due to which they have won the trust of several governments and corporations.

  5. Inmarsat
  6. Inmarsat is a UK-based satellite communications service provider launched in 1979. With a rich history and expertise spanning several decades, it offers a comprehensive range of satcom products and services including satellite modems, in-flight internet, earth stations, transmitters, transceivers, etc. Adding on, just like Viasat and Digisat, Inmarsat also operates a fleet of satellites, enabling widespread coverage and dependable satellite communication services worldwide.

  7. Cobham Limited
  8. The Cobham Group’s division in communications and connectivity primarily focuses on the development of high-grade satcom and aerospace communication equipment. Its product catalog ranges from Ku-band antennas and terminals to docking stations, consoles, power supply units, search beacons and radios. Cobham Group manufactures satcom equipment for all land, aerospace and maritime operations.

  9. Iridium Communications
  10. Iridium Communications is a satellite solutions provider with a massive network of 75 satellites, out of which 66 are active space satellites and the rest are backup satellites. Launched in the year 2021, Iridium Communications established a quick rapport in the industry and is widely recognized for its handheld satellite phones, transceivers and two-ways messaging systems. Some other satcom equipment in which Iridium Communications deals are standalone transceivers, short burst data modems, satellite broadbands, and docking stations.

  11. Gilat Satellite Networks
  12. Gilat Satellite Networks is a leading satcom equipment manufacturer from Israel. It is best known for its satellite ground stations and defense equipment. Along with these, Gilat Satellite provides mobile satellite solutions such as In-flight WiFi and maritime communication equipment. Launched in 1987, Gilat launched the globally used SkyEdge satellite networks series, which now powers the 5G infrastructure throughout the globe.

These were some renowned players in the satcom industry that are bringing tech and innovation on a daily basis to improve our lives. For quality satcom equipment from these manufacturers, feel free to browse our website.

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