SatCom HQ - Registrations Open for All Satcom Equipment Dealers and Distributors

  • SatCom HQ - Registrations Open for All Satcom Equipment Dealers and Distributors

We are a leading sourcing destination for reliable satellite equipment with years of experience and a proven track record of helping dealers find genuine buyers for their satcom equipment. To conduct large-scale operations, we have established a global network of authorized dealers comprising manufacturers, distributors, sellers, resellers, VARs, contractors, consultants and engineers.

Recently, we opened our dealer directory registrations where satcom equipment dealers can register themselves totally free of cost. With the help of our global network, dealers and distributors can get quick access to global markets along with full pricing control and shipping assistance. Expanding your business operations with us is also a lucrative proposition for many other reasons including:

  1. Free of cost registration
  2. Access to global satcom equipment markets
  3. Complete sales transparency with dealer dashboards
  4. List and sell both used and new satcom equipment
  5. Daily updated inventory for faster time-to-market
  6. Public dealer directory
  7. Auto-fetch listings from your existing dealer websites and online stores (such as Amazon, eBay, etc.)

We deal in various types of satcom equipment ranging from antennas, amplifiers, transceivers and transmitters to frequency converters, encoders, modems, docking stations, earth stations and satcom accessories. Registered dealers and distributors can list used and new satcom equipment in all these categories. 

The satcom industry’s compound annual growth rate is an astonishing 10.4% in the projected period 2022-2026. The industry is flourishing because of its essential applications in remote communications, telecommunications, navigation and positioning, weather forecasting, rescue operations, military operations and the logistics industry. 

However, new technological developments require timely upgradation and maintenance, which ensure uninterrupted connectivity and state of the art infrastructure. To source quality satcom equipment, numerous buyers search their suppliers online. This is where we help dealers by helping them reach global buyers digitally. 

SatComHQ is a leading provider of quality and reliable satcom equipment. With its global network of distributors, it helps buyers fulfill their all satcom equipment sourcing requirements. Feel free to explore our website to place an order or find more insights.

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