SatCom HQ - The Trusted Global Provider Of Satellite Equipment, Satcom Systems And Turnkey Satellite Communication Solutions

  • SatCom HQ - The Trusted Global Provider Of Satellite Equipment, Satcom Systems And Turnkey Satellite Communication Solutions

The satcom industry is growing at an astonishing rate of 12.12% in the projected period 2023-2028. Contributing to the industry’s explosive growth are various manufacturers, dealers and distributors spread all across the globe. Due to high fragmentation, finding reliable dealers and sourcing quality equipment becomes difficult. This is where Satcom HQ aggregate marketplace arrives to simplify the entire sourcing process.

How does SatCom HQ operate?

SatCom HQ centralizes equipment sourcing operations by connecting buyers and dealers at one place. To ensure a wide catalog of products, the dealers and manufacturers present on SatCom HQ marketplace belong to various regions of the world. This also helps in providing buyers with latest technology and all renowned brands in the satcom space. By registering on SatCom HQ, satcom dealers enjoy a plethora of benefits such as:


  • Access to International Markets: Connected globally, SatCom HQ provides dealers and manufacturers with scope for business in international markets. Telecom operators, businesses, organizations, armed forces and other government agencies can source satcom equipment from dealers across borders with SatCom HQ.

  • Free Entrance in Public Dealer Directory: We like to maintain transparency in all operations and don’t act as the middleman. Due to this, all dealers on SatCom HQ get free entrance in our public dealer directory. Furthermore, there are also zero commission charges on your sales.

  • Promotions and Marketing: To help dealers capture a wider audience, we provide various promotions and marketing options. For example, dealers can opt for featured add listing spaces and promotional add-ons such as In stock, Auction and Special Offer. Click here to read all our available listing plans and add-on options.

  • Auto-Fetch Inventory: We understand that you may have listed a vast inventory on your own website or some other marketplaces, which can make the entire migration or re-listing process quite tedious and monotonous. For simplifying the migration process, we use an auto-fetch feature that automates the entire process.

List of Satcom Equipment SatCom HQ deals in:

Below are some types of satcom equipment you can list on our marketplace:

  • Satellite Phones
  • Satellite Modems
  • VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) Systems
  • Earth Station Antennas
  • Satellite Signal Repeaters
  • Signal Analyzers
  • Transceivers
  • Navigational Systems
  • Satellite Signal Encoders/Decoders
  • Satcom-On-The-Move (SOTM) Systems
  • Satellite Broadcast Systems
  • Satcom Terminals
  • Weather Monitoring Systems
  • Emergency Communication Systems
  • Remote Sensing Systems
  • Tracking, Telemetry, and Control (TT&C) Systems
  • Ground Stations
  • Imaging Systems
  • Ground Control Systems
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Satellite Antenna Controllers
  • Satellite Link Emulators
  • Payloads
  • Signal Switches
  • Video Encoders/Decoders
  • Interference Detection and Mitigation Systems
  • Gateway Systems
  • Network Management Systems
  • Bandwidth Optimization Systems
  • Encryption Systems
  • Modulation/Demodulation Equipment
  • Tracking Antennas
  • Signal Monitoring Systems
  • Frequency Converters

As satcom equipment keeps innovating our world and powering our daily lives, there’s a need for a sourcing platform that resonates with trust in the global community. Being an aggregate marketplace, SatCom HQ not only simplifies sourcing operations, but is also a one-stop destination to find all kinds of satcom equipment. Feel free to reach out to us for listing your equipment on our platform or any related queries.


SatComHQ is a leading provider of quality and reliable satcom equipment. With its global network of distributors, it helps buyers fulfill their all satcom equipment sourcing requirements.

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