What are the Best Approaches to Contact Dealers on SatCom HQ?

  • What are the Best Approaches to Contact Dealers on SatCom HQ?

Being an aggregator marketplace for quality satcom equipment, we at SatCom HQ allow equipment manufacturers, suppliers and dealers from all over the world to sign up on our platform. By searching within our vast dealer network, customers can find and source all types of satcom equipment even from across the borders. To get in touch with a dealer on SatComHQ, customers can try different methods.

Contacting Dealers on SatCom HQ

  • Stay on Official Channels

  • Our first and foremost recommendation is to only rely on contact information and methods available on our marketplace platform. This will help you ensure you are reaching the genuine dealer and will also prevent any fraudulent activities and transactions.

  • Use the Send Request Option

  • To simplify the entire process, we have provided a direct ‘Send Request’ option on the marketplace. To use it, follow the steps given below:

    Sending Request for a Single Equipment

    Step 1: Select the equipment you want to purchase

    Step 2: Click on the ‘Send Request’ button present on the top of product description page



    Step 3: Fill in all the details of the Send Request form and click on the ‘Submit’ button


    Sending Request for Multiple Equipment


    For saving your time, we have provided the feature to send requests for multiple equipment at once. In this case, the process varies a little.

    Step 1: Select the equipment you want to purchase

    Step 2: Instead of the ‘Send Request’ button, click on the ‘Add Request to Cart’ button


    Step 3: Follow these two steps for all equipment you want to purchase.

    Step 4: After you have added all equipment to the Request cart, click on the ‘Request Cart’ button in the navigation menu.


    Step 5: Fill in the ‘Request Free Quote’ form and click on the ‘Submit’ button

  • Use the ‘Advertiser Info’ Tab

  • For any queries before purchasing, you can find the verified contact information of dealers in the advertiser tab present on the right hand side of the product description page. In addition, you can send your queries directly by clicking on the ‘Contact Advertisers’ tab.


  • Search the Dealer Directory

  • The most efficient way to find and reach out to SatCom HQ dealers is via directly searching our dealer directory. You can also modify your search by using filters such as equipment category, Geo Zones, Countries and States.

SatCom HQ is a leading provider of quality and reliable satcom equipment. With its global network of distributors, it helps buyers fulfill their all satcom equipment sourcing requirements. Feel free to explore our website to place an order or find more insights.!

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