What are the Multiple Listing Plans and Add-Ons Available on SatCom HQ?

  • What are the Multiple Listing Plans and Add-Ons Available on SatCom HQ?

SatComHQ is an aggregator marketplace that deals in both new and refurbished satcom equipment and connects global satcom equipment suppliers, dealers and manufacturers with customers. It helps satcom dealers expand their business reach to the international sphere and target a wider audience. For their assistance, SatCom HQ has also introduced a variety of listing plans and add-ons that satcom dealers can purchase and use to grow their business.

Available Ad Listing Plans on SatComHQ

SatCom HQ has 3 primary listing plans available on the platform. These plans are: 

  • Normal Ad Listing Plan: The normal listing plan allows satcom dealers to publish up to 3-6 items per month. It is the most suitable listing plan for SMBs, startups, regional dealers, and entrepreneurs with limited ad budgets.

  • Bulk Ad Listing Plan: For medium to enterprise level satcom dealers, our bulk ad listing plan is the most suitable. The plan comes at a fixed pricing for publishing 100 and 500 items. Furthermore, this plan is also recommended to get the maximum business reach in international markets.

  • Custom Ad Listing Plan: If you think none of the aforementioned plans match your requirements, you can reach out to us to create a custom plan for you. After our close evaluation, we will come up with a listing plan that best accommodates your requirements.
How to Purchase a Listing Plan

Follow these directions to purchase a listing plan on SatComHQ.

  • Step 1: Visit the login page
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button and enter all your details
  • Step 3: Verify and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button
  • Step 4: Visit our Pricing page and select your preferred listing plan
  • Step 5: Click on the ‘Buy’ button
  • Step 6: In the case of custom listing plan, click on the ‘contact us’ button and share your requirements with us. Our team will create a new plan and share a payment link with you

Available Add-on Options

To further help satcom dealers in staying ahead of the competition, SatComHQ also offers various add-ons that you can buy after purchasing any of the listing plans. Add-on options available on SatCom HQ are:

  • Featured: Listings tagged as ‘Featured’ will receive the highest priority and will be displayed at the very top in search results.

  • In-Stock: Items available for immediate dispatch can be tagged as in-stock. All tagged listings will appear with an ‘In-stock’ label in search results and have a higher-chance of conversion.

  • SatComHQ

  • Auction: The auction add-on has two different use cases:
  • - In case of high demand items or unique items, the Auction tag can be used to fetch multiple price quotations from customers.
    - The auction tag can also be used to put old stock on clearance.

  • Special Offer: The special label tag can help indicate special offers or discounts on selected items. 

SatComHQ is a leading provider of quality and reliable satcom equipment. With its global network of distributors, it helps buyers fulfill their all satcom equipment sourcing requirements. Feel free to explore our website to place an order or find more insights.

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