When to Upgrade your Satcom Equipment and How?

  • When to Upgrade your Satcom Equipment and How?

As established in our previous blogs, Satcom equipment plays a crucial role in interconnecting and powering our daily lives along with providing safety, security and convenience. However, despite the ubiquitous eminence of satcom equipment, many sectors and industries are still vastly reliant on aging equipment and are in an urgent need to upgrade their satcom systems and infrastructure.

The leading aerospace technology provider, Honeywell, even found in its research that hundreds of business aircrafts till date rely on obsolete SD-600 communication data units. The same can be said for several other sectors including logistics, telecommunications, agriculture, health, finance and mining.

Thus, to ensure safety and convenience of users and efficiency in business operations, it is important to timely upgrade aging satcom equipment and stay up-to-date with technology.

5 Signs you Need to Upgrade your Satcom Equipment

  1. Poor Performance
  2. Poor performance in any hardware tech is the first sign that it requires an upgrade. In satcom equipment, if you notice slow data transmission rates, interrupted connections, and decreased coverage, it may be the time to upgrade your satcom equipment.

  3. Seasonal Underperformance
  4. Considering the heavy use of satcom equipment, they are developed to withstand both high and low temperatures and even shocks and vibrations. However, in deteriorating equipment, you may notice patterned underperformance in harsh and humid weather. This is also a sign to make an upgrade.

  5. Increased Workload
  6. Increased demand is also an indication your equipment requires an upgrade. This is particularly true for telecommunications and satellite internet businesses. With global interconnectedness, more and more people are connecting to satellites. Equipment upgradation is a sure way to ensure support and scalability.

  7. Incompatibility
  8. If your satcom equipment has become incompatible with modern devices, it is time to upgrade the equipment. With new and advanced technology being developed every day, quick adoption is the only way to stay relevant and competitively ahead.

  9. Security Concerns
  10. Various governing agencies in different industries release security regulations for satcom equipment. These regulations are predictable and adapted by other industries as well. For ensuring the security of users, you can always make an early upgrade after identifying the security threats stated under these regulations.

How We Help in Upgrading Satcom Technology

We at SatComHQ are frequently approached by businesses wanting to upgrade their satcom infrastructure. After carefully analyzing their requirements, we help them get their hands on the latest equipment with our global dealer network. To simplify sourcing operations for satcom equipment upgradation, we also provide the following facilities on our website:

Latest Equipment with High-End Specs - To ensure your new satcom equipment stays compatible for a long time, we provide the latest equipment with high-end specs on our website. As our equipment is sourced from all over the globe, you get access to most advanced satcom technology.

Daily Updated Dealer Inventory - Product inventories at SatComHQ are updated on a daily basis, which ensures that all the product information and specifications you see on the website are accurate and always up-to-date.

Buying Guides - Sometimes businesses are not clear about their satcom requirements and require more assistance. Thus, to help them make well-informed and useful purchase decisions, we also provide satcom equipment buying guides on the platform.

Professional Assistance - In case businesses still need help in finding the right equipment for upgrading, they can always reach out to our experts at info@satcomhq.com. Or fill in the contact form here.


All hardware components deteriorate over time. But with timely upgradation, businesses can ensure continuity and stability in performance. Also, considering the vast networks that satcom equipment establishes in several industries, and its usage in disaster and risk management, it is very crucial for businesses and disaster management teams to always use the latest equipment. Lastly, timely system upgrades will also help businesses in staying compliant to changing rules and regulations and avoiding penalties.

SatComHQ is a leading provider of quality and reliable satcom equipment. With its global network of distributors, it helps buyers fulfill their all satcom equipment sourcing requirements. Feel free to explore our website to place an order or find more insights.

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